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Latest Reviews


Emily Abby


Our aussie Finn LOVES going to daycare. She practically runs in every morning. She comes home happy and exhausted. The whole staff is wonderful and friendly - we are so glad we decided to take her here!

Response from the owner

Thank you so much!!! We love you guys!


antoniette woolfson


Keep leaving message nobody ever answers the phone or calls back

Response from the owner

Hi there Antoinette! Thanks for taking the time to leave this review. I'm puzzled that you have left messages with no return call as I employ a full time receptionist whose literal job is to handle the phones. A one star review having never utilizing my service feels a hair excessive but I apologize nonetheless. Have a glorious day!


Alyssa Paxton


For as long as this place has been around, their staff doesn't seem to be very experienced in handling dogs with a little bit of anxiety upon entering new situations. I was told my dog was "too aggressive" to stay here, but they clearly couldn't tell the difference between aggression and anxiety. Because people and dogs were coming in and out (it was a revolving door) and my dog was barking a lot, as dogs tend to do. The kid who took my dog from me was pulling so hard on her leash only making her worse instead of attempting to pet her and calm her down. When I tried to tell them some tips about her, they weren't even listening to me.
Plus trying to make a 10-minute appointment just to see this place was near impossible. The first time I tried to go there was road work going on and the street was closed and I had to reschedule. They wouldn't take me for another week and a half, only for them to be extremely dismissive with me when I got there. I feel like they absolutely could have squeezed that appointment in sooner- they hardly even did anything. So quick to push me out the door. They told me I needed to leave her for half a day as a trial, which would mean taking off work to drop her off and pick her up. But I really just had such a bad feeling about this place, I didn't trust leaving her there after seeing how she was treated. They made a decision about my dog without even being patient and giving her a chance.
I went to go check out another place, also with lots of dogs, and she did bark at them as well, but this place was so much more professional, laid back, and experienced, that my dog calmed down in no time and was immediately playing with all the other dogs and having a great time! They listened to me and asked questions instead of being quick to dismiss us.
I'd say unless you have a really easy-going dog that immediately adapts to new situations, this is probably not a great place to leave your dog.

Response from the owner

Hi there! I want to clear a few things up here. First and foremost, you are the one who kept changing your appointments, via email. I followed that email thread. Second, I couldn't control the roadwork on Bicycle Path as I do not work for the town and lastly when you did make it in, you came in an hour early and there was an appointment ahead of you so of course you had to wait and no one could properly engage with you at that moment to discuss her behavior. So while yes, actually getting in for the evaluation was a process it was certainly not all my facility's fault. That being said, you are correct in that your dog was exhibiting high anxiety and did incessantly scream bark throughout people coming to pick up and drop off their dogs. And while my staff appears young (and will be highly flattered to be referred to as such) they have a wealth of pet care experience and training that made them wary as to what they were seeing but at no point did she get the boot the way you've written here. And I have to tell ya, I knew as soon as you teared up when I reminded you that she needed a trial day you were going to be angry. Unfortunately as I stated then, all dogs do it; it was not something personal against yours. If I ever felt she was actually aggressive I would not have said to move forward with the trial day. Every dog who comes for boarding or daycare needs that day for us to assess their behavior and if they'll be truly happy hanging out with us. Because ultimately that is what it's all about. Of course I want the humans to be comfortable but it's about if the dogs are comfortable. As per this review it is absolutely for the best that you have moved on to another place and I really do wish you both well.


Ivanna Zavala


This place called on the last morning of my dog's stay to let us know my dog vomited and had diarrhea. Upon pickup my dog's coat was wet and his fur was hardened under his neck. I got closer to smell those areas of his fur and they smelled extremely disgusting so I had to take him for a bath immediately. The water coming out of his fur was brown and also smelled disgusting- it took a few rounds of shampoo to get it all out. I also noticed two things that were not present before leaving my dog at this place. 1. my dogs calluses on his elbows were extremely swollen, raw, and were bleeding- this had never happened before. 2. My dog was stumbling over himself when walking and seemed to be very off balance. Sometimes he would even fall to the ground from stumbling over himself. Since his symptoms didn't improve, I took my dog to the doctor 2 days after picking him up from this place. The doctors told me that his calluses had an infection. They said the swelling, rawness, and bleeding was likely due to laying down all day which likely means he was laying in the kennel all day and not taken out much. They said that being in the same kennel all day and laying on his own vomit/feces that got on his coat was likely the cause of his infection. My dog has had slight arthritis in his back legs-but nothing that keeps him from walking- so the doctors said that the stumbling and loss of balance was also likely due to not being taken out of the kennel all day and laying down for the majority of his 4 day stay. The doctor also said that the vomiting and diarrhea were probably due to stress from being at that place, since his diet didn't change and the vomiting and diarrhea didn't continue once he came home. At this point, his stumbling has gotten better since he has been home walking and moving around normally.

Response from the owner

I apologize for the delay in responding, as your name on Google and your name in my system don't match. Upon doing some investigation however I was able to ascertain your dog is Bruno, a 14 year old chocolate lab. You checked in at 3:09 on Friday afternoon where you told my front desk manager that you normally cook for him but decided instead for this stay to send him with kibble. This was surprising as most owners don't change a senior's food but we don't argue with our pet parents. The following morning, my Asst Manager Emily called you to let you know his stomach was upset with loose stools and you said "probably because we changed his food." This exchange was time stamped and noted in his files so all staff knew you had been made aware. Unfortunately Google will not let me post photos or videos to replies because I have all 3 days of your pet's stay with me on video, which I will be more than happy to to send to you. He is up, moving, engaging in a playgroup and all around as happy as a clam. He was not in a kennel, he was in an entire playroom all day as well as overnight. Again, I have photo and video evidence of this so I'm not sure how your vet decided he was laying in some small prison-like setting for three days. He was not. He had 14 hours a day of access to outside, plenty of water and many friends to hang out with. Arguably the only one who didn't think he was a senior dog was Bruno. Could he be ouchy as a result of playing for three days? Obviously. Could he be dirty? Sure. He's old and it was a lot of activity. But your review clearly indicates we neglected him and frankly, not only is that false, it's obnoxious. We did everything right for your dog and provided him with a lovely, fun experience. Again, you don't have to believe my reply. I have it all on video. A lot of this could have been avoided if you just called. I would've sent you the pictures and videos of him having the time of his life and I would venture to guess a lot of your stress could've been eliminated immediately. Instead you decided to let your fingers do the walking on Google. I hope you feel somewhat better about his stay and wish you both well in the future.

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Enthusiasts of pet care have bestowed All Aboard Doggie Daycare & Boarding with an impressive rating of 4.3 stars, a score mirroring the sentiment of 25 evaluators.

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Those seeking responsible care for their pets can access the superb services of All Aboard Doggie Daycare & Boarding on these days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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For inquiries regarding local pet rescue and care, feel free to contact them at 16314769320, or explore their official website at

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The local pet rescue center run by All Aboard Doggie Daycare & Boarding is conveniently located at 509 N Bicycle Path 1, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776.