Almost Home Animal Shelter

5060 Lincoln Ave, Quinnesec, MI 49876

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  • Tuesday 0:00 - 23:59
  • Wednesday 0:00 - 23:59
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Latest Reviews


Paige West


Was very dissatisfied... Had adopted a puppy around the beginning of July, it is not feb and unfortunately due to unforseen issues we have to move and are unable to keep him so per contract we brought him back because you can't rehome them..... I explained while there that he will not potty train and is aggressive and got nothing but a for shame on you attitude and disgust better then me look down on for bringing him back. This was our families first baby and my son was with and it was already hard as hell. Instead of her just saying ok or I understand I am told the potty training and aggression is my own fault and had he gotten fixed already then all that would have been fixed and not happening which I have known plenty of people with digs, not all fixed and it does not guarantee or not guarantee issues with potty training nor agression, mind you that was towards my children more then anyone. Either way I wasn't able to keep him due to the move and the attitude they gave me is prolly why people rehome and do what ever else they think is best because of there behavior when you do have to bring them back....


Michael Messner


Diane and the team are AWESOME! We have adopted three dogs from their shelter. Bless them and the work they do!Love – Holly, Titus, and little Charlie


Leona Brescher


Great place for a new pet to adopt or if you find a stray to turn in. The staff is awesome and they treat the animals wonderfully! I just love that place!!


T Liebs


My daughters and I go here about once a month to get our “cat fix” and to see the dogs. The staff at the front are not very friendly. I have asked about several cats and I too, like others have said, get looked at like I'm crazy and why would they want to help me with adopting one. My daughter also turned in volunteer applications TWICE with no response or phone call. I feel the staff should be more caring towards and friendly to the people that come in. I don't have to go there with my girls but choose to see the cats and pay them some attention. If the staff was more friendly I would consider adopting an animal but not with the way they treat people now.

F.A.Q. about Almost Home Animal Shelter

How does Almost Home Animal Shelter rank in offering local pet rescue and care services?

Enthusiasts of pet care have bestowed Almost Home Animal Shelter with an impressive rating of 4.1 stars, a score mirroring the sentiment of 123 evaluators.

What hours are the local pet rescue services at Almost Home Animal Shelter open?

Those seeking responsible care for their pets can access the superb services of Almost Home Animal Shelter on these days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

How can one connect with Almost Home Animal Shelter for questions regarding local pet rescue and care?

For inquiries regarding local pet rescue and care, feel free to contact them at 19067741005, or explore their official website at

Where can one find the local pet rescue center of Almost Home Animal Shelter?

The local pet rescue center run by Almost Home Animal Shelter is conveniently located at 5060 Lincoln Ave, Quinnesec, MI 49876.