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What is the total number of pet care solutions offered by Abby's Mutt Hut?

Abby's Mutt Hut offers 1 pet care facilities, encompassing 1 cities and 1 regions. The overall rating for pet care facilities under the Abby's Mutt Hut brand is 4.7.

What are the highest-rated pet care facilities within the Abby's Mutt Hut network?

Which pet care facilities under the Abby's Mutt Hut are most favored by customers?

What are the rumors about Abby's Mutt Hut?

"Amanda was amazing our chocolate lab Captain is 90 pounds and he did great with her and it's his first time getting his nails done we will be back"

"She is wonderful, my cat loves her to death"

"Only groomer I will trust with my pup!"