Frequently Asked Questions about PetSmart

What is the total number of pet care solutions offered by PetSmart?

PetSmart offers 1442 pet care facilities, encompassing 1173 cities and 50 regions. The overall rating for pet care facilities under the PetSmart brand is 4.3.

What are the rumors about PetSmart?

"I had an excellent experience at the Eastland store. The sales personnel went out of their way to find the prescription food for my dog. During a crowded evening the gentleman had to use a forklift to move the boxes to get me what I had come for. That was the third store I went to to find that particular type. Truly grateful."

"I was seeking a "good deal" on training pads for my dog and I found it here. Prices on Amazon were around $30 for 40 pads. What? At this store I was able to buy 150 for $19.
95. I did not shop all of their merchandise, some of which appeared "pricey", but for the item I was seeking it was "a bargain"To me, shopping is a verb, an action word. If you don't compare quality, quantity, and price; you are not doing your homework and you get what you get. It was 8 months ago and I still have some pads remaining. I consider it a "great" deal. It's in a shopping center anchored by Target, a store that cheated me out of 80% of the value of a gift card. BOOO!"

"I took my dog in for a haircut today. The place was clearly busy, they asked me what I wanted and told me to leave him there and pick him up in 5hrs. When I went to pick him up they had done something completely different, they told me that oh we couldn't do what you had asked for because your dog was super nervous so we decided to do this instead. Common courtesy would have been for them to call me and check with me if I am okay with having something be different done with my dog. I was completely shocked, they did such an awful job. His nails were super sharp after they trimmed them and he scratched my leg badly. The lady at the grooming salon said his nails will get better after he scratches some concrete. They told me to go and pay the fee associated with their job. I talked to the manager and complained about them too. What an awful experience. I am never taking my dog to PetSmart grooming again."