Banfield Pet Hospital in Alabama

Banfield Pet Hospital in Alabama

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How many pet care centers associated with the "Banfield Pet Hospital" brand can be found in Alabama?

Within the region of Alabama, Banfield Pet Hospital supervises 2 pet care centers, with a focus on services such as rescue, adoption, and shelters, reflecting an average rating of 4.3

What are the rumors about Banfield Pet Hospital?

"We've been coming to this vet since before the banfield switch over. Slowly the service has gotten worse over the years. The front desk staff is routinely rude and has started conveniently forgetting to tell customers about important …"

"They provide a great service and take care of your pets."

"I called and had a few questions and the lady I forgot her name took the time out to answer all my questions & She was polite and Friendly. Which is very rare nowadays. Thank you! See you soon. Great Customer Service"