Banfield Pet Hospital in Idaho

Banfield Pet Hospital in Idaho

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How many pet care centers associated with the "Banfield Pet Hospital" brand can be found in Idaho?

Within the region of Idaho, Banfield Pet Hospital supervises 1 pet care centers, with a focus on services such as rescue, adoption, and shelters, reflecting an average rating of 4.2

What are the most highly-rated "Banfield Pet Hospital" pet care centers in Idaho?

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"I love this place! Our neighborhood cat got injured and we were able to get in same day and every one there was so polite and helpful. It felt like they were happy we were there. Would definitely go back."

"I took my dog because he had swallow a foreign object and he had a little bit of blood in his feces but when I took him he was acting more like himself. Aida and Dr .
Baker were really good with explaining options for my dog I really think …"

"I've been going to Banfield for almost 12 years now with my English bulldog Lulu. We've lived in Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Miami, and we have stuck with Banfield as our veterinary care provider through our moves. Yesterday I had the best care experience provided to my dog and cat. The vet tech Taylor at the Pinecrest location in Miami was so calm and kind, and I really appreciated his demeanor. My pets typically get anxious when they go to the vet, and yesterday they didn't. It was the smoothest visit we have ever had and I credit that to Taylor. I'm certain my dog and cat could feel his calm and positive energy, allowing them to feel comfortable. I've been to Banfield before where the vet or vet techs become anxious around my pets because of their anxiety and it just makes matters worse. I thanked Taylor for being so kind, even getting my bulldog a bowl of water. He replied by saying that he tries his best to love and help calm the ones that can be the most scared… and that he did. He even referred to them as my babies when he greeted us at the beginning of the appointment and it made me smile. Thank you, Taylor."