Banfield Pet Hospital in Illinois

Banfield Pet Hospital in Illinois


How many pet care centers associated with the "Banfield Pet Hospital" brand can be found in Illinois?

Within the region of Illinois, Banfield Pet Hospital supervises 11 pet care centers, with a focus on services such as rescue, adoption, and shelters, reflecting an average rating of 3.97

What are the rumors about Banfield Pet Hospital?

"Version themselves are great, and the staff is very nice. But do not let them reschedule you become something sooner opened up. Every time I have done that the appointment was not saved on their end. …"

"Extremely poor quality care. If the owner/manager spent more time working towards improving the business and less time policing the comments section on google they might be able to redeem this place. Paranoid? Responding to every single comment looks really bad. Do your job well and your reviews will get better."

"I only give them 4 start because it takes an average of 11 days to be seen. My dog had to suffer with an ear infection for 11 days before we were able to get an antibiotic when I pay a monthly fee to be able to take my senior pup in as often as I wish. The service is always great."