Petco in Massachusetts

Petco in Massachusetts


How many pet care centers associated with the "Petco" brand can be found in Massachusetts?

Within the region of Massachusetts, Petco supervises 39 pet care centers, with a focus on services such as rescue, adoption, and shelters, reflecting an average rating of 4.25

What are the rumors about Petco?

"The employees are super helpful and friendly. The store is a ittle discombobulated right now because it's getting redone it's not exactly the cleanest right now or the most organized. The selections are good if you don't mind paying an arm …"

"Very rude cashier. Short staffed. Poor selection of sweaters and dog treats.
Refused to assist me and my wife (we're both blind).
Taylor is great, she has helped us before but was on lunch. The black guy who helped us briefly (and checked us out) was very friendly. It was the only one cashier who ruined the good vibes that we walked in with. I wish I knew her name so that she could be called out for her poor customer service."

"Went in looking for help finding a tank for my beta fish. Was greeted by staff one in particular that stood out was hannah, she made it her mission to give me the knowledge I needed to make the right decisions for my fish while also staying …"