Petco Grooming in Missouri

Petco Grooming in Missouri


How many pet care centers associated with the "Petco Grooming" brand can be found in Missouri?

Within the region of Missouri, Petco Grooming supervises 12 pet care centers, with a focus on services such as rescue, adoption, and shelters, reflecting an average rating of 4.55

What are the rumors about Petco Grooming?

"Always get the help I need and any questions or advice answered. Marissa is an exceptionally helpful associate, she is very professional and assists me with all of my pet care needs. I would just promote her if were the company because she is the nicest most knowledgeable associate I've ever met."

"Hanna did a wonderful job with my pup Ripley. This was his first grooming appointment and it was apparent he did not have a bad experience."

"Horrible customer service. Avoid at all costs. Refused to groom my pet after making an appointment. The told me that I need rabbies proof. Ok no problem. I show up with vaccine paperwork on time for my appointment after running around all day. Bringing my 15 year old dog in the car(she has arthritis and car rides are very hard on her, which petco knew because I told them when booking) At check in they casually ask what medications she takes. I tell them she's on gabapentin for her arthritis which again, they knew about(the arthritis). Then they refuse saying gabapentin is a sedative. I explain to them its not, it's a medication for joint pain at lower doses. The lady just keeps saying it's corporate policy. THEN WHY DIDNT YOU ASK WHEN MAKING THE APPOINTMENT IF SHE IS ON MEDS. what 15 year old dog with arthritis isn't on medication?! They call the manager who is some dude with a pony tail who tells me she needs to be groomed by a vet. How dumb can you be. She needs the gabapentin for her pain, not to sedate her. This policy makes absolutely no sense in the first place. So so incredibly dumb and waste of time and worst of all unnecessary trip for the dog in the car. Eff this place. Don't waste your time. Find a local groomer who doesn't have corporate policies."