Petco in Nevada

Petco in Nevada

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How many pet care centers associated with the "Petco" brand can be found in Nevada?

Within the region of Nevada, Petco supervises 12 pet care centers, with a focus on services such as rescue, adoption, and shelters, reflecting an average rating of 4.24

What are the rumors about Petco?

"While Petco has a 48 hour cancellation policy for grooming, they canceled my dogs groom appt with less than 24 hours notice and made no effort to reschedule her. …"

"James was wonderful! He groomed our dog exactly as we asked him to. Our dog was happy and relaxed when it was all said and done plus she looks super cute."

"If I had the option to post a review without giving this store a one-star rating due to its horrible customer service, I would. I have shopped at this location for years and have always found the employees to be polite and helpful- until today. In the midst of a severe thunderstorm, I realized that I was out of dog food and placed an online order for pick up at the Kendall store. I promptly received an email confirmation stating that my order was received and being processed. Almost two hours later, I had yet to receive another email alerting me that my order was ready for pick up. I went inside the store and spoke to a cashier named "Katie" with no customer service skills who curtly informed me that my order was not yet in her system and there was "nothing she could do about it". Realizing that the store would soon close for the night, I asked to speak to the store manager or supervisor. Katie claimed she was in charge and proceeded to tell me that she was alone with another employee and couldn't do anything to help me. I had to wait around for another hour until I contacted Petco's toll-free customer service line and my order was then received "miraculously" by the store. I explained to Katie that I understood it was not her fault that the order had not been received in her system (despite the fact that I had an order number and email confirmation) but that measures should be in place to prevent this inconvenience to customers. Once again, she was rude and dismissive. I bid her a good night, and not surprisingly, she ignored me. When my daughter thanked her, Katie's responded with a "yup".
I understand that Petco's system may have been experiencing technical difficulties. However, there is no excuse for Katie, who calls herself a manager, to be outright rude, insolent, and unprofessional. I am surprised that a reputable company like Petco would hire "managers" that have no notion of how to treat its customers. Katie is not an asset to Petco as she represents the company poorly. Perhaps intensive training on providing good customer service, even when the store is short-staffed, would do her well. If she can't behave like a manager, she has no business being one."