Petco in South Dakota

Petco in South Dakota

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How many pet care centers associated with the "Petco" brand can be found in South Dakota?

Within the region of South Dakota, Petco supervises 2 pet care centers, with a focus on services such as rescue, adoption, and shelters, reflecting an average rating of 4.25

What are the most highly-rated "Petco" pet care centers in South Dakota?

Which "Petco" pet care facilities in South Dakota are most esteemed by pet owners?

What are the rumors about Petco?

"Don't bring your dog to be groomed here. They will try to up-charge you for the “VIP” treatment which means the groomer is with your dog the entire time and won't kennel them. I asked to have this removed because I didn't want the extra …"

"The groomers here do such an amazing job with my fur babies and my mom's fur babies. They're the sweetest crew of people and I absolutely love how my babies turn out once they come back from the groomers. I can't wait to see them again for the next grooming session."

"My cat Barbara and I love petco. While there are other options, I like petco's location and “small chain” feel. The website is a bit cumbersome, but functional. Thanks for always being helpful and suggesting another food option when I needed something quick. Barbara loves it and is living up to her nickname “Fat Gurl”. Nom nom nom."