PetSmart in South Dakota

PetSmart in South Dakota

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How many pet care centers associated with the "PetSmart" brand can be found in South Dakota?

Within the region of South Dakota, PetSmart supervises 3 pet care centers, with a focus on services such as rescue, adoption, and shelters, reflecting an average rating of 4.37

What are the rumors about PetSmart?

"Staff is usually pretty friendly and helpful although the store is normally busy and sometimes you have to wait awhile to get assistance. I've unfortunately received many fish and shrimp with parasites and diseases from this location. Store is normally very clean and signage and displays are accurate."

"I was impressed with the variety of brands they offered for dogs. I was not expecting to see some of the brands that they had! I'll be back!"

"Absolutely awful customer service here. Curbside pickup is totally useless and they obviously can't handle it so the signs need to be taken up. Either you call and they don't answer or they say they're coming out but never do. My husband went in to get our order after we were told someone was coming out and he was told to get in line. We had already paid online. They literally just had to hand it to him. They then had trouble finding my order. On top of that, they were so rude. There are way better places to get supplies for your pets."