Tractor Supply Co. in Tennessee

Tractor Supply Co. in Tennessee


How many pet care centers associated with the "Tractor Supply Co." brand can be found in Tennessee?

Within the region of Tennessee, Tractor Supply Co. supervises 14 pet care centers, with a focus on services such as rescue, adoption, and shelters, reflecting an average rating of 4.46

What are the rumors about Tractor Supply Co.?

"Easy off/on exit..
good service..."

"This place has went through some changes, some not so good. My biggest issue with this place is I buy pet supplies mainly but I never see any employees. Too frequently the only employee I see is the cashier and I walk through the store sometimes just because I find it odd I don't see them. I know they are there I used to know someone who was a manager there but since the changing of the guard I just don't see them.
Edit: I was just in there 1/28/19 and went to buy pet food. I waited 7 minutes before I ever found an employee. When I asked if they had anymore of a certain brand he said let me go look and then totally disappeared. At first I was willing to say he got distracted until I seen him come from the back where they keep the dog food, try to avoid the pet section all together, get stopped and ask a question, cautiously look over to see if I was still there and I was standing in plain sight and then took off back into the back to not be seen again. Hunted for a manager and found no one on the floor but the girl at the front register. I ended up leaving and will be contacting their district manager.
For that I've removed 2 stars. This is a frequent thing with this place anymore and its totally disrespectful to dodge and ditch a customer looking for help. Until I start seeing some actual changes there and shelves not be wiped out of their most popular products and actual employees thats not the register operator who can't leave the register it'll remain 2 stars.
Edit: Came in on 4/29/19 to find my complaint and review was heard. You can suddenly tell a large change in the place. I seen 4 employees in the 5 short minutes I was in there. Shelves were stocked and employees were actually working. Shame it has to come to such things to get your point across. Now if only they'd put the 30lb bag of 4Health Grain Free Chicken & Vegetables back in so I didn't have to spend more buying 2 bags of the 16lb. I bought 3 a month and then suddenly it's no longer sold. I'll give the store back a star for seeing better staffing and shelves, I'll give another if they could make the dog food happen. I know I'm not the only person that was buying that formula in that size because it was constantly empty and who wants to buy multiple bags of something when there is a bigger option?"

"Great place to find feed and medicine for cats and dogs to horses and cows"